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A politically correct Gospel

Unearthing the Truth
Published by in Bible teaching · 30 May 2019
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The Christian gospel by definition is good news. But what exactly is this good news? Different parties within the Christian church have very different ideas.

Our local Roman Catholic Priest teaches that eternal life in heaven is granted to those who are baptized into the Catholic Church, participate in the Church's worship and sacraments, and spend an appropriate period in purgatory to cleanse them from sin before entering heaven.

Among the Protestant churches in Britain there are at least four main versions of the gospel, each of which bears some similarity to one of our main political parties. I apologize to the DUP, the Scottish Nationalists, the Green Party, and other smaller parties for excluding them from this tongue-in cheek analogy, but perhaps they should be grateful for that!

Here are the four different politically correct versions of the Gospel. They are all more or less true, but none of them is the whole truth.

The Liberal Democrat Party Gospel: If you love God and love your neighbour as yourself the world will be a better place. (And if God doesn't exist then just love your neighbour. In whatever way you choose.)
The Conservative Party Gospel: (This used to be called the law and order party. In church circles those who emphasize this version of the gospel are commonly termed 'Conservative Evangelicals'.) Believe that Jesus Christ died to pay the penalty for all the times you have broken God's laws. Then God will forgive you and let you spend eternity in heaven with him instead of in hell.
The Labour Party Gospel: Everyone, rich and poor, can enjoy fullness of life here and now through a personal relationship with God by faith in God's appointed leader, J.C.
The Brexit Party Gospel: Leave this world by repenting of your sins and committing your life to Jesus as Lord and Saviour. In return you will enjoy everlasting life in a new and perfect world which God has promised to create.

If you want the whole truth read the New Testament (Part 2 of the Holy Bible). You may find it more interesting that you expect.

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