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Brexit - the second Battle of Britain

Unearthing the Truth
Published by in Politics · 28 March 2019
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A few weeks ago, in the hope that our Prime Minister Theresa May would ask Queen Elizabeth for her opinion about Brexit during her weekly visit, I wrote to the Queen offering her some advice! This was that the government should keep firmly to the legally binding date for leaving the European Union, with or without a deal. Queen Elizabeth "took careful note of the views I had expressed" and graciously replied, but she reminded me that as a constitutional Sovereign she has to remain strictly non-political at all times.
If she ever mentioned my advice to Theresa May the latter didn't take it. We were supposed to leave the EU tomorrow, but the PM, who never wanted to leave in the first place, asked the EU for an extension. Yesterday the MPs took it upon themselves to vote for 8 possible alternatives to her deal, including another referendum, but they couldn't get a majority for any of them!!!
The PM has now promised to resign if they vote for her current "deal" tomorrow, when she is hoping to present it for a third time. Parliament easily rejected it the first two times, the first time by the biggest majority vote in history! The Speaker, John Bercow, has it in his power not to allow the government to bring it forward a third time if he considers it is substantially the same proposal as the previous two. I've been praying for him to know what is right.
The legal default is that we do leave, either with an agreed deal (which the EU says has to be the PM's present one) or no deal. The agreed deal leaves us tied to the EU in several important ways and is therefore not a fulfilment of the nation’s vote to leave it, or not in my view, at least.
Our Wycombe MP Steve Baker is the vice-chairman of the ERG pro-Brexit group, and he said yesterday that he would resign the whip (i.e. leave the Tory party) rather than vote for her deal. I praise God for him! I had previously encouraged him to stand firm and trust God for the outcome, and he thanked me for that. The Northern Ireland DUP MPs, who are all born-again Christians and attend all the parliamentary prayer group meetings, are still adamant that they will not support it either. They believe it would leave them tied permanently to the EU which would be a step towards separation from the United Kingdom.
My wife Ann says that we are in the second Battle of Britain, the first being when the Royal Air Force defeated Hitler's Luftwaffe in the Second World War. Since Saint Paul tells us that our real enemy is the prince of the power of the air (Ephesians 2.2) that seems to me like an appropriate description of what is going on.

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