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Brexit - The Solution

Unearthing the Truth
Published by in Politics · 28 May 2019
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As a Brexit supporter I congratulate Nigel Farage and his party for their stunning success in the British MEP elections last Thursday. However he and his party now have to decide whether their primary goal is to get Britain fully out of the EU, or to become the next government. Because if we come fully out of the EU on 31st October, then few people will think it necessary to vote for the Brexit Party at the next General Election.
However, if the Brexit Party's primary goal is to leave the EU by that date, then here is my suggestion for securing Britain's departure. Let them and all like-minded people engage in a social media campaign aimed at pro-Brexit voters in Labour constituencies which voted in the referendum to leave the UK. Urge them to write to their MPs along the following lines. (Ignore the phrase in italics if it is inapplicable.)
Dear ....

Thank you for representing me and other members of the .... constituency to date.
As you know, the majority of us voted to leave the EU. We want that democratic and legally binding decision to be fully implemented. Therefore I ask you to fulfil your responsibility to represent and support our wishes in parliament.
I voted for you in the last general election, and  I want you to continue in your role as our MP, so I thought you should know that if you vote on any motions in parliament to obstruct the UK's departure from the EU by October 31st, and if we fail to leave, then at the next general election I shall vote for the Brexit Party.

I understand that I can find out from the website www.mysociety.org/wehelpyou/find-out-how-your-mp-voted how you vote in the coming months, so I shall follow what happens with interest.

Please don’t let us down!

British MPs' addresses can be found at www.parliament.uk/mps-lords-and-offices/mps/
A modified version of the above letter might be appropriate for Brexit-supporting voters in Labour-held constituencies which voted to remain.
So could you start the ball rolling?

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