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Did God the Father forsake Jesus on the cross?

Unearthing the Truth
Published by in Bible teaching · 1 May 2019
Tags: JesuscrucifixionPsalm22
On the cross Jesus cried out, "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" So it seems obvious that somehow God the Father had abandoned him, or at least that Jesus felt that God had done so. But neither of these explanations of his words is true.

1. Jesus knew without any doubt that in the loving purposes of God he himself had to die. He told his disciples, "The Son of man came... to give his life as a ransom for many." (Mark 10.45) The evening before his crucifixion, which he knew would take place next day, he prayed, "What shall I say? 'Father, save me from this hour?' No, for this purpose I have come to this hour." (John 12.27) He did not cry, "Why hast thou forsaken me?" because he had expected God to rescue him from death.

2.  (Note: Ps 22 said God had not forsaken him. If he had doubted for one moment the truth of this he would have been guilty of unbelieve, which is sikn, and would not have lived a sinless life and could no longer have been our Saviour.

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