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Evolutionary scepticism and 'making stuff up'.

Unearthing the Truth
A UK survey carried out for Puffin Books in early 2019 disovered that only half the people questioned were 'certain' that evolution was real. 17% of those aged under 29 believed in creationism, an increase from a previous survey.
In response a spokesman from the Natural History Museum replied, "Evolution theory is accepted as fact by the scientific community, on a level with the theory of gravitation or the round-Earth theory." This was a most peculiar response, which only helps to explain why not everyone is convinced that evolutionists know they are talking about.
1. The statement "Evolution theory is accepted as fact" is a lie, at least it is without qualification. A thousand scientists, including many from highly respected institutions, have just signed up to an online letter in which they express great scepticism about the whole idea. "We are skeptical of claims for the ability of random mutation and natural selection to account for the complexity of life. Careful examination of the evidence for Darwinian theory should be encouraged," they wrote.
2.  Secondly there is no scientific consensus about the theory of gravity, as the Natural History Museum statement implied. "The verdict is not yet in on which extant relativistic gravitation theory is closest to the truth." (See Jacob D. Bekenstein) I suspect that what the spokesman was really talking about was not the theory of gravity but the law of gravity, which in normal conditions is accepted as a fact. If so, his confusion between theory and fact is, it seems to me, typical of those who promote the theory of evolution as a fact.
3. Thirdly there is no such thing as "the round-Earth theory". That the Earth is round (or rather, an oblate spheroid) is a not theory but a fact. It's a fact which can be observed from space. This is totally different from the theory of evolution, which concerns something that has never been observed to take place and for which there is no evidence whatsoever. If you don't believe this read my books Z: The Final Generation and Z: Answers from the Final Generation.
The Natural History Museum's response to the survey is therefore very ironic in view of Professor Richard Dawkins's repeated claim in a lecture he gave on 12th February this year that it is the creationists who "make stuff up".
My friend Geoff Chapman, in the Spring Edition of Creation Update, wrote this comment on the survey results: "Despite being constantly bombarded with evolution through the media and our educational system, many people, especially the young, aren't so easily persuaded, but are using their logic to think for themselves. We will continue to play our part in exposing the failure of a 19th century theory which is well past its sell-by date!"

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